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Just to give you a brief history, the Filipino language is basically Malayo-Polynesian in origin but several foreign languages have also made its way into the Filipino vocabulary having been colonized by Spain for 300 years, being influenced by the Chinese and other Asian languages through the barter trade, and having been exposed to the Japanese and American languages during the World War II.

The official language of the Philippines is Filipino, aside from English, but it is most commonly confused as the same Tagalog. Actually, Filipino and Tagalog are almost identical because they are grammatically the same. To simply put it, Filipino can be considered as the modern form of Tagalog being used in urban areas like Manila and the National Capital regions with foreign words making its way into its vocabulary, while Tagalog is it`s more formal form, being used in the neighboring provinces like Bulacan, Cavite, and Laguna.

Actually, the younger generation still find a lot of Tagalog words too deep and would still have to use a dictionary to find its meaning or ask their parents or other older people to translate it for them.

If you would visit the Philippines, almost everyone speaks Filipino and you wouldn`t have much of a hard time if you know some travel phrases or common words to help you during you trip.

This blog is dedicated to help you in that. Looking forward to have a great time with you all!

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