Introducing Yourself



{These are conversational phrases you can use to introduce yourself.

You’ll sound like a native using these everyday Filipino phrases.}




What’s your name? Ano’ng pangalan mo?
My name is______. / I’m ______. Ako po si _______.
Nice to meet you. {Filipinos say it in English.}
Where are you from? Taga saan ka?
I’m from ______. Taga _____ ako.
Where do you live? Sa’n ka nakatira?
Oh, I’ve been there! Ah, nakarating na ko dun.
How old are you? ilang taon ka na?
I’m _____ years old. ____ po.
I have to go. Naku, kailangan ko na umalis.
I’ll be back. Babalik ako.

Word For The Day: Day 2


Hangin {Wind}


(Pronounced as the English colloq. “ hangin’ ”)

Switchfoot: Live In Manila 2011

Switchfoot is coming to Manila in 7 days for their Hello Hurricane World world tour! How cool is that?


I’ve got two tickets, courtesy of Becca Music Philippines, their local concert organizer and I’m excited to see the rock band, who popularized “Dare You To Move” and “Meant To Live” in the Philippine music scene, singing live at the Araneta.


Of course, Switchfoot is well known for being a mainstream rock band with Christian members and music that has Christian meaning…


Good idea to spend the last weekend of April, aight?


Catch you guys there!




April 30, 2011 (7 days left!)

Phil. Sports Arena

Ticket prices:
VIP                                 P3500
Courtseat                     P2500
Ringside                       P1800
Lower Box                     P1500
Ringside II                     P  800
General Admission        P  500

For more details visit Becca Music`s official site or The Switchfoot Concert In Manila Facebook page

Word For The Day: Day 1


Pang-pang {Shore, sea shore}

Common Filipino Phrases #2: Greetings

Happy Birthday! Maligayang Kaarawan!
Merry Christmas! Maligayang Pasko!
Congratulations! Binabati kita!
God Bless You! Pagpalain ka ng Diyos!
Take Care. Ingat.
Good morning! Magandang umaga!
Good day! Magandang araw!
Good afternoon! Magandang hapon!
Good evening! Magandang gabi!
Welcome! {There`s no literal translation to this in Filipino… but Mabuhay! which means Long Live! is used when welcoming guests. But Mabuhay can only be used when someone arrives to the Philippines or on a Philippine city or town. It wold be hilarious to say that in a household or office setting.

Tip: {The first four phrases} Filipinos don`t usually use the Filipino counterparts of these Engilsh greetings. They usually say in English. However, the Filipino translation is commonly seen in print ads and on television, so it`s still good to know.
{The Last Five greeting}

Useful Shopping Phrases

{These phrases are common phrases Filipinos say while shopping.}


May I see that?1 Pwede ko pong tingnan `yon?
How much? Magkano po?
How about that one? `Yun pong isa?
I`ll try another. Titingnan ko po muna ung iba.
I`ll take that. Kukunin ko na po.
Is there a discount? May discount po ba?
Thank you! Salamat!
You`re welcome. Walang anuman!
This is beautiful! (declarative) Ang ganda nito.
This is beautiful! (observation) Ang ganda naman nito…
I will come back. Babalik ako.

10 Basic Filipino Phrases You Need To Know


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Yes Oo
No Hindi
Good Morning! Magandang Umaga!
Good Evening! Magandang Gabi!
Good Afternoon! Magandang Hapon!
How Are You? Kumusta?
I`m fine. Mabuti.
Thank you. Salamat.
One moment please./ Hold on please. Sandali lang po.
Good bye. Paalam. {most Filipinos usually just say Bye or Ba-bye.} Paalam is most often used in movies or television, and not in normal, everyday language.