Introducing Yourself



{These are conversational phrases you can use to introduce yourself.

You’ll sound like a native using these everyday Filipino phrases.}




What’s your name? Ano’ng pangalan mo?
My name is______. / I’m ______. Ako po si _______.
Nice to meet you. {Filipinos say it in English.}
Where are you from? Taga saan ka?
I’m from ______. Taga _____ ako.
Where do you live? Sa’n ka nakatira?
Oh, I’ve been there! Ah, nakarating na ko dun.
How old are you? ilang taon ka na?
I’m _____ years old. ____ po.
I have to go. Naku, kailangan ko na umalis.
I’ll be back. Babalik ako.


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